Current Projects

Franklin Co., FM 1448

Hazard elimination and safety

Harrison Co., CR 4311

Bridge replacement

August TxDOT Letting

Nacogdoches Co., US 59

Prep ROW, excavation & embankment, cement treatment, hot mix & seal coat, concrete pavement, new bridge construction, retaining walls, box culverts & wing walls, RCP pipe & SETs, inlets

July TxDOT Letting

Polk Co., CR

Prep ROW, excavation & embankment, flex base, bridge work, rip rap

July TxDOT Letting

Shelby Co., FM 1645

Prep ROW, sub-grade widening, embankment, cement treatment, seal coat, hot mix, culvert extensions, RCP Pipe & SETs

June TxDOT Letting

Smith Co., FM 346

Prep ROW, embankment, top soil, rock rip rap, concrete pipe and SETs, hot mix and concrete driveways, MBGF

April TxDOT Letting

Bowie Co., SH 8

Prep ROW, excavation and embankment, cement treat sub-grade, seal coat, hot mix, concrete pavement, rock rip rap, new bridge construction, remove old bridge structure

April TxDOT Letting 

Smith Co., Toll 49

Project for North East Texas Regional Mobility Authority (NETRMA)
ASPH (AC-20-5TR) 101,433 gallons, AGGR (TY-PD GR 4) 2,818 CY, roadway striping 

March TxDOT Letting

Angelina Co., SH 103

Prep ROW, sub-grade widening, cement treat sub-grade, seal coat, hot mix, concrete pipe and SETs

March TxDOT Letting

Henderson Co., SH 19

Plane asphalt paving, hot mix

March TxDOT Letting

Titus Co., US 67

Prep ROW, cut and restore paving, hot mix

March TxDOT Letting 

Wood Co., CR 2790

Remove and replace bridge, hot mix

March TxDOT Letting

Smith Co., SH 64

230,000 square yards of milling existing asphalt pavement and placing over 24,000 tons of new hot mix

February 2019 TxDOT Letting

Kaufman Co., FM 2757

Grading, 50,000 tons of flex base, 1,400 linear feet of storm sewer with associated structures, 16,000 gallons of surface treatment, 4,100 square yards of new driveways and signage

February 2019 TxDOT Letting

Smith Co., IH 20 - CR 431A (Jim Hogg Road)

Storm sewer, reworking base, cement stabilization and 6,000 tons of hot mix

January 2019 TxDOT Letting 

Sabine Co., FM 1

Storm drain, extending structures, stabilization, seal coat, and asphalt paving

December 2018 TxDOT Letting

Smith County, FM 2015

Grading, cement treated subgrade, surface treatment, asphalt paving, retaining walls, and culvert extensions

September 2018 TxDOT Letting 

Smith County, US 69 and FM 346

Earthwork, stabilized subgrade, surface treatment, hot mix, MSE retaining walls, storm sewer and bridge work

August 2018 TxDOT Letting

East Texas Regional Airport

Earthwork, flex base, storm sewer, lime-treated subgrade, hot mix pavement


Smith County, FM 2661

Grading, flex base, surface treatment and structures

July 2018 TxDOT Letting

Henderson County, BS 31H

Permeable friction course and bridge rail

July 2018 TxDOT Letting

City of Whitehouse Street Overlay

12,000 tons of asphalt overlay

June 2018 TxDOT Letting

Smith Co., IH 20

Grading, structure, flex base, surface treatment, asphalt paving, retaining walls and storm sewer

June 2018 TxDOT Letting

Red River Co., SH 37

Box culvert extensions, RCP, SET and temporary shoring

June 2018 TxDOT Letting

Nacogdoches Co., FM 95

Replace bridge and approaches

January 2018 TxDOT Letting

Van Zandt Co., SH 243

Grading, widening, OCST, ACP, pavement markings

June 2017 TxDOT Letting

Titus Co., US 271

Replace bridges and approaches

June 2017 TxDOT Letting

Gregg Co., US 80

Grading, base, ACP surf, storm sewer, C&G, safety improvements, signs

April 2017 TxDOT Letting

San Augustine Co., SH 21, BR 2017

Replace bridges and approaches

March 2017 TxDOT Letting

Gregg Co., SL 281

Widen, storm drain, C&G, signals, signs, pavement markings

October 2016 TxDOT Letting

Cherokee Co., US 69

Widening of non-freeway, grading, structures, base, OCST, surface and pavement markings

July 2016 TxDOT Letting

City of Longview, Cotton St.

Street reconstruction from Green St. to MLK Blvd.

Van Zandt Co., FM 1256

Grading, flex base, TCST, STRS, pavement markings

April 2016 TxDOT Letting


Franklin Co., SH 37

Rehabilitation of existing road

January 2016 TxDOT Letting

San Augustine Co., SH 21, BR 2016

Replace bridge and approaches

January 2016 TxDOT Letting